Young’s goal is to return clothes in better condition than the day our customers bought them. It all starts by greeting our longtime customers, or introducing ourselves to new friends, with a warm smile from a friendly face. Felicia, Linda, Katherine and Ashley know how to treat folks who visit our Lakeview location, while Melvina, Sandra and Shelley are always ready to serve you at our Uptown cleaners. They each take the time to listen and to ask the important questions that will help the team back at our state-of-the-art cleaning facility uphold Young’s strict professional standards. Of course, these same strict standards are met by our convenient free pick-up and delivery service—you just don’t get to see our smiling faces quite as often.

Along with his brother Dale, Don Velez is a third-generation New Orleans business owner. As Young’s plant manager, Don oversees every cleaning process. He has been personally spotting stains, reading care labels, and communicating with customers about the progress of hard-to-resolve stains and problem garments since he was 15. To this day, Dale and Don show up ready to work at 5:30 every morning. Dale mans the offices, while Don supervises the team back at the plant—spotting clothes and personally handling the expensive garments and priceless wedding gowns, just like his father (Ronnie Velez) and grandfather (Louis Young) before him.