Services | Dry Cleaning

While some cleaners will typically use a very aggressive cleaning product to harshly speed-clean garments, Young’s only uses cleaning agents that are lighter than water. This extremely delicate cleaning process takes a little extra time, but is well worth it—measurably extending the life of the garments we clean.


  1. Pre-Treatment Young’s professional staff thoroughly inspects each piece for stains, identifying the stain and applying the proper treatment to ensure that it does not become set. During this phase of the process, we take the time to read all care labels. If a stain presents itself on an unusually delicate or difficult-to-treat fabric, we take special care to avoid harming the garment.
  2. Sorting Garments are sorted according to fabric, color, and weight. Young’s employs two cleaning wheels, one for darks and another for lighter colored garments. This keeps our customers’ whites looking whiter and helps darks keep their color longer. It’s also extremely important that heavyweight garments aren’t cleaned with lightweight garments, as this causes swirls in the fabric called swales. If you’ve seen these swirls before, your dry cleaner isn’t sorting their garments properly.
  3. Finishing Again, each article of clothing is inspected. If a stain is detected, the garment is re-spotted and re-cleaned prior to the finishing process. Working at specialized pressing stations, our professionals take time to achieve a crisp, clean, like-new appearance on all clothing. Each garment is then finished by hand. Sure this takes extra time, but rarely will you find a more consistent, professional press job than Young’s.
  4. Inspection Next, the garments are re-inspected for any persistent stains or imperfections in the press job. If required, these garments are then re-cleaned with a more aggressive stain removal treatment or re-pressed. We take every opportunity to check each garment to ensure that they meet Young’s strict standards for quality.
  5. Assembly At this point, it is not altogether rare to occasionally spot a missing button or loose hem. Young’s takes the time to replace missing buttons, and when a seam comes lose, we fix it. During the all-important inspection phase, Young’s staff gives the garments one final safeguard check before returning them for customer pick-up or free delivery.